KORBOX Wave is Android-based IPTV set-top-box with functionality of Multimedia Player. It is designed for people who appreciate high level graphics (3D acceleration) as well as comfort, simplicity and low price. KORBOX Wave has a WiFi router included and is equipped with a 3D accelerator, making it an android game console, compatible with Sony Play Station 3 and PC Pad Manta SH812 controllers


KORBOX Wave features:

  • Linear IPTV (HD) STB;
  • EPG;
  • PVR, Time Shifting;
  • Video On Demand;
  • WiFi router;
  • LibreOffice;
  • Adobe Reader – viewing PDF files;
  • Wikipedia
  • Android games;
  • Smart home system HOMS;
  • Multimedia player: browse multimedia files stored on portable device, USB flash drive or SD card;
  • Web browser;
  • Viewing the latest news such categories as: World, Country, Business, Sports, and Technology through Google News app;
  • Full integration with YouTube;
  • Radio app;
  • Settings: full calibration of the image to the TV, language, date and time, screen resolutions and others;
  • KorPilot application used to control the Set-Top-Box using mobile phone or tablet, available in Google Play.

SONY DSC 2783224-1-1-5-manta-sh812

KORBOX WAVE is compatible with Sony Playstation 3- and PC- gamepads.


Screenshots of games available on KORBOX WAVE:

screen1screen1 screen2 screen2 screen3 screen3



Device specification: KORBOX Wave

Manual: Manual_WAVE