Korbox Perun

Wysokiej jakości przełącznik szkieletowy 48 * SFP+ i 6 * 40G QSFP z podwójnym zasilaniem.

Cechy i funkcje

Pełne wyposażenie licencyjne (bez ograniczeń na ilośc vlanów, PIMów czy protokołów) układu Broadcom Trident 2 720 Gbps, 1050 Mpps

Dodatkowo wbudowany system operacyjny ICOS ATOM/ARM 8 GB RAM 64 GB SSD – możliwość uruchamiania własnych skryptów

Dane techniczne

Protokoły RLACP, MLAG, CiscoEtherChannel, IGMP v3,
QinQ, IPv6 dual stack, QoS, BGP, OSPF, ECMP,
Możliwości SDK układu Broadcom Trident 2 Layer 2 features
L2 MAC address table 288K
VLAN *IEEE 802.1Q *Port-Based *Private VLAN *Voice VLAN
IGMP Snooping * IGMP Snooping v1/v2/v3
* IGMP v1/v2 querier support
* IGMP Immediate Leave
* MLD Snooping
* Jumbo frame
* IEEE 802.3x Flow Control
* Q-in-Q
Proponowana platforma dla KIX2 VXLAN, NVGRE, enkapsulacja MPLS
Storm Control *Broadcast *Unknown Multicast *DLF (Unknown Unicast)
Spanning Tree *IEEE 802.1D *IEEE 802.1w
*IEEE 802.1s *Auto Edge
*BPDU Filter/Guard *Loop Guard
*TCN Guard *Root Guard
*Spanning Tree Fast Forwarding
*Edge port (same as Fast Forwarding)
Link aggregation *802.3ad with LACP
*Cisco EtherChannel
*Max number of group: 8
*Unicast/Multicast traffic balance
*Virtual Port Channel (MLAG)
QoS features *Number of priority queue: 8
**Strict priority
**Hybrid (WRR+Strict priority)
**802.1p-based CoS
**IP DSCP based CoS
**IP TOS Precedence based CoS
**32 classes
**13 rules per class
**No. class in policy: 64
**No. policy in class: 28
*Auto VoIP
Data Center *ONIE enabled boot loader
*FIP snooping
*Congestion Notification (CN)
*DCBX for PFC (CEE v1.0)
*DCBX for ETS (CEE v1.0)
*OpenFlow 1.3
*Puppet/Chef support
*Production quality RESTful API
*Port locator, dynamic topology map
and prescriptive topology mapping
IPv6 *V4/V6 dual stack
*ICMPv6 redirect
*IPv6 Path MTU Discovery
*IPv6 Neighbor Discovery
*Stateless Autoconfiguration
*Manual Configuration
*SNMP over IPv6
*HTTP over IPv6
*SSH over IPv6
*IPv6 Telnet support
*IPv6 DNS resolver
*IPv6 RADIUS support
*IPv6 TACACS+ support
*IPv6 Syslog support
*IPv6 SNTP support
*IPv6 TFTP support
*Remote IPv6 ping
Management *Standard Linux shell tools
*Industry standard CLI
*CLI filtering
*Software/configuration upload/download using
*Dual image
*SNMP v1/v2c/v3
*RMON 1,2,3,9 groups
*BOOTP client/relay
**L2 option 82 relay
**L3 option 82 relay
*Event log
*DNS client
*Utility: remote ping, traceroute
*SNTP v4
*LLDP: 802.1AB, 802.MED
*Port mirroring:
**SPAN: one-to-one, many-to-one
**SPAN with ACL filter
**SPAN with VLAN
*sFlow v5
*Cable test
*Email alerting
*Auto install
*RESTCONF interface
Layer 3 Features *Number of IP interfaces: 128
*OSFP v2/v3
*/31 subnet support
*Proxy ARP
*Local proxy ARP
*Static route
*BGP v4/v6:
*Virtual routing and forwarding (VRF)
awareness in BGP:
**BGP extended communities ** BGP route leaking
**BGP dynamic neighbors
**Multicast groups ** IGMP v1/v2/v3
**MLD v1/v2 ** DVMRP
**PIM-DM v4/v6 ** PIM-SM v4/v6
**IGMP proxy
* Routes:
**IPv4 **IPv6
**ARP entry **ND entries
**PIM-SM/DM v4/v6
*Source IP configuration
*Policy-based routing (PBR)
*IPv6 Tunneling
*IPv6 Loopback
*DHCPv6 relay* DHCPv6 server
Security *Static/Dynamic Port Security (MAC-based)
**Port based **MAC based
**Guest VLAN **QoS assignment
**VLAN assignmnet **Unauthenticated VLAN
**L2: MAC SA/DA, CoS, EtherType
**L3: IPv4 SA/DA, subnet based
**L3: IPv6 SA/DA, flow-label, DSCP
**L4: TCP/UDP port
**Time-based ACL
**ACL counters
**Authentication **Accounting
*HTTPS & SSL *SSH 1.5/2.0
*User authentication:
*DoS control
*MAC filter
*IP Source Guard
*Dynamic ARP inspection
*DHCP snooping
*Control Plane Policy (CoPP)


Specyfikacja techniczna