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„We chart the pronunciation capabilities of our name as time goes by,” said Mischka, the blond half of the team Badgley Mischka (BADGE lee mish KA). The designers spent the first half of their 12 year career championing the merits of undiluted elegance while explaining that Badgley Mischka was a duo, not an odd Russian artist with a penchant for satin, sequins and beads. When the 39 year olds visited Los Angeles recently to preview event locations, they appeared, as always, ready to step onto the ballroom floor.

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The technical (aka the „let’s make a sandwich”) categories are a surefire way for any piece of suck to claim an Oscar nomination. Thanks to these categories’ absolute indifference to plot quality, a film like The Lone Ranger can go home with an Academy Award despite dolling Johnny Depp up as an 1860s Juggalo with a taxidermy hat. That’s right, young filmmakers: 90 percent of your film can blow, just make sure the other 10 percent is spent on sound mixing (whatever that means)..

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