But not all do, and the benefits vary widely between issuers.Did you ever have a laptop or iPhone stolen or „go missing” during TSA scanning Celine Outlet, or perhaps in the plane? Depending on the cards you used to pay for your trip, your issuer’s built in, free travel insurance might have compensated you for at least part of your loss.Did a traveling companion get sick just before departing on a trip, causing you to cancel? Did the airline lose your bags, and only offer a paltry $500 in compensation? You might have been covered and not even known it.It’s the travel insurance you probably didn’t know you have.Of course, the details of that coverage are going to be buried in fine print, in documents you probably threw away when your card showed up in the mail. Not to worry it’s easy to go back and check because it’s all online.There are three main categories of air travel insurance included with credit cards, although not all cards offer all of them:Trip interruption or delayYour flight is interrupted or delayed after departure due to a „covered reason” typically one or more (but not always all) of the following: illness, injury, labor strikes, equipment failure or weather. Needless to say, no card covers all possible causes of a delay.

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