Risk score=estimated baseline rate of outcome from relevant external risk score developed in patients not on oral anticoagulation therapy (or mix of treated and untreated). Risk score factors are CHADS2 (congestive heart failure, hypertension, age years, diabetes mellitus, previous stroke/transient ischaemic attack/thromboembolism (doubled risk weight)), CHA2DS2 VASc (CHADS2 plus vascular disease, age 65 74 years, and female sex (age years and previous stroke carry doubled risk weight)), and HAS BLED (age years, hypertension, abnormal renal function, abnormal liver function, prior stroke, bleeding history (or predisposition), drugs predisposing to bleed, alcohol use disorders, and labile international normalized ratio). Rate of outcomes in trial participants randomized to warfarin or dabigatran.

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pandora charms I can respond first hand as to how this will negatively impact the physician shortage in Hawaii. I spoke with my daughter who is a resident in a medical specialty, who just read this article and she is livid. Presently she intends to return to Hawaii to practice, but this may change, as I am sure the passage of this bill will impact the decision of other doctors pandora charms.