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Cheap Prada Sale „It’s shameless and dishonorable [for the captain] to take himself out of the mix like that.”Under current international regulations, each cruise company must have a safety plan, called a safety management system, that details responsibilities in the event of an emergency, Schoenwald said.In the event of a fire on board, the captain would sound the general emergency alarm seven short blasts followed by one longer blast to direct crew members to fight the fire and direct passengers to their specified „muster” stations Prada Outlet Bags, where passengers are directed during safety drills to gather in event of emergency.If the incident is contained, passengers might be allowed to resume their normal activities or be kept away from the damaged part of the ship until a return to port Cheap Prada, or they might be required to abandon ship.”The call to abandon is made by the captain,” Schoenwald said. „When the abandon ship signal is made, they have 30 minutes to get everyone off the ship, even though the general emergency could have started a day or hour before.”It’s not clear to Miami maritime attorney Brett Rivkind why the captain didn’t issue a mayday signal to call for outside help soon after the accident. „[A captain needs] to know your ship and what danger your ship is in,” he said Cheap Prada Sale.